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Automotive Cost Sharing Group, INC Terms and Conditions



The following terms and conditions apply between Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC, a Utah Corporation, providing automotive repair assistance memberships (“Otmo”) and the (“member”). Membership is effective upon the date of Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC receipt of Member’s first payment per plan.


  1. This Membership is for the sole benefit of the Member and applies only to Member’s vehicle(s) described in the online application. This Membership will be invalidated if there has been any inaccuracy, alteration, or tampering regarding the vehicle(s) description, mileage, and/or condition described in the online application.
  1.   The following vehicle membership plan (“Plan”) is offered by Otmo.

Otmo Basic Membership


$45 per year, per vehicle enlisted.



Otmo uses a credit card processing company to process member fees. Otmo will apply a 4 percent processing fee to each transaction made by credit card. The only exception to this fee is The Basic membership fee of $45 per year.


  1. If a Member should experience a breakdown, or require scheduled maintenance, Otmo will act as the representative working on the behalf of the Member. Otmo will not have authority to authorize repairs without first receiving written or verbal authorization for repairs to be performed. Otmo will work with the Member in the follow manner:
  • Give professional automotive advice and recommendations
  • Help and assist in locating quality and reputable repair facilities
  • Review recommended repairs and diagnostics provided from repair facilities
  • Ensure that labor rates are within reason and comparable to region
  • Ensure that labor hours are within reason and that applicable labor time standards are used, (All data, Mitchell, etc.)
  • Ensure that parts prices are within reason and not excessively escalated.
  • Otmo can also offer a payment plan where members may receive repairs and make payments back to Otmo over time. (see payment plan terms and conditions)
  • Otmo can work directly with the repair facility on behalf of the Member, or in the background at the member discretion. Otmo membership is most effective when our staff works directly with the repair facility on your behalf. We strongly advise members to let our team handle any and all negotiation on price, etc.
  1.  Member will pay Otmo one flat fee per year per Plan, and Member will be able to suspend and/or terminate payments to and membership from Otmo at any time. Prorated refunds will not apply.

                          4a. Member can replace a vehicle enrolled in Otmo at any time. Submit all transfer                                        requests to [email protected].


5.Otmo membership is NOT a warranty or insurance. Therefore, Parts on the member’s car are not listed for coverage as a traditional warranty or extended coverage may provide. Furthermore, Otmo will never provide a diagnosis. It is solely the Members responsibility to maintain his/her vehicle and member will assume any and all costs associated to doing so. Otmo will not be held liable for damage that occurs from continued use, lack of maintenance, etc. Final safety checks are to be done by a competent professional.

6.  Member agrees to have his or her vehicle checked, serviced, and maintained in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, as outlined in the member’s manual for Member’s vehicle. Otmo will not share in any costs accrued for routine maintenance and is to be assumed by the Member.

  1. Member is responsible for choosing a repair facility. CUSTOMERS WHO CHOOSE TO PERFORM REPAIRS DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK AND EXPENSE. OTMO WILL NOT NEGOTIATE COSTS OR PROVIDE PAYMENT PLANS FOR REPAIRS MADE BY THE CUSTOMER. A LICENSED REPAIR FACILITY MUST BE USED. The repair facility can contact Otmo through the website, www.otmo.com, for approval. OR email [email protected], OR text 801-850-8274
  2. Emergency Repairs. Should an emergency occur that requires repair of a breakdown to be made at a time when Otmo’s office is closed, members can wait or choose to pay on their own. Otmo will not reimburse members for these costs and will be unable to offer payment plans for repairs already made. Otmo strongly recommends that members wait if possible before repairs are made.
  3. Members are free to choose any licensed repair facility. Otmo staff will, with the permission of the member, work with the repair facility to determine the correct course of action with regards to repairs. Otmo will review labor rates, (Rate to be consistent with local rate averages). Otmo has the right to determine the local average labor rate and adjust accordingly. Otmo may also negotiate labor rates, flat rate times, parts pricing on a case by case basis. Labor time standards are to be used in each repair as applicable (alldata or michell).  

Otmo reserves the right to hold any repair facility accountable for misdiagnosis, (any repair performed that did not resolve the customer concern).

Member acknowledges that the repair facility may or may not resolve the concern at the repair facilities expense. Otmo will take cases of misdiagnosis on a case by case basis.


10. Otmo will not participate in vehicle modifications or upgrades. Our area of expertise is in repair and maintenance and not modifications. Otmo reserves the right to request digital images and/or video footage in order to gather information regarding the member repair, or technician findings in order to properly document and understand the breakdown. Otmo may use text, email, video communication (example= marco polo app), to gather enough information to properly advise the customer and ensure proper procedure.

11. Members may apply and use the membership at any time.

11a. Pre-existing conditions. Members may join the membership at any time regardless of current vehicle condition.


11b. Any year, make, or model is accepted. ANY motorized vehicle can be entered into the program at the discretion of Otmo. Extreme builds, antique cars, or high end vehicles are taken on a case by case basis. Otmo technicians are familiar with the more common vehicles on the roads in the United States.

12. If Member makes payments late, or if Member cancels his or her membership, then this benefit will be forfeited.

13. Member’s payments are due by 11:59 p.m. of the due date. Automatic payments are required by using either a credit card or debit card. If payment is not received, member benefits are immediately suspended. Otmo will make every attempt to notify Member of the late payments; however, the payment is solely Member’s responsibility to ensure that it arrives on time.

14. If membership is lost due to lack of payment, Member is eligible to reapply for membership at any time.

15. Otmo reserves the right to cancel membership without notice to the member for any reason including, but not limited to the following:

a. Otmo suspects Member purposefully mislead Otmo at any time.

b. Otmo suspects that Member attempted use funds intended for vehicle repairs in any other way. (payment plan)

c. Member becomes unreasonable and or threatens legal action toward Otmo.

d. Otmo determines that a certain make or model or type of vehicle is no longer accepted for membership.

16. If membership is cancelled, Otmo is not obligated to return member fees collected. Otmo may elect to return member fees collected.  

17. All fees, deadlines, and other rules may be altered in the favor of Member only at the discretion of Otmo staff.

18. Member understands that by joining this membership, he or she acknowledges and understands that Otmo is not an insurance/warranty company and cannot be held responsible for costs for vehicle repairs. Otmo is an automotive membership and member fees are used to offer payment plans for vehicle repairs. These terms are NOT a promise or guarantee to pay. Otmo does not make repairs. Otmo does not diagnose vehicles. Otmo can’t guarantee that a vehicle is safe to operate.

19. Membership in this program is completely voluntary. Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC, is not bound to pay for repairs. Otmo cost sharing memberships are offered in good faith and Otmo expects its members to use this service in full transparency just as the Member expects from Otmo. Otmo uses funds collected to offer payment plans for members. Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC is a for profit business.

21. Purchase of this membership is optional and is not required in order to finance, lease, or purchase a motor vehicle.


22. Indemnification and Waiver. Member agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Otmo harmless with respect to claims, liens, suits, losses, or liability arising out of Otmo’s acts or omissions, including attorney fees and litigation expense.

 23. Term. This membership will continue on an annual basis from the application date and will automatically renew at one-year intervals intervals unless and until either party cancels the membership. Otmo makes no promise as to length of membership in this program. Terms are subject to change at any time.

 24. Payment. Otmo will auto debit/charge Member for membership at the above-listed rate. Member will pay Otmo on or before the due date in order to avoid loss of membership. Otmo governing body can at ANY time notify the members of this group of cost increases and therefore raise the member fee based on members vehicle, or as an entire group. ANY member that wishes may leave the group at ANY time and is not required to pay increased member fees.

 25. Governing Law. Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC is a cost sharing membership based in the State of Utah and has complied with all applicable laws.



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