Otmo™ is an automotive membership program. Basic memberships offer recommended repair facilities, unbiased opinion on repairs and maintenance, we negotiate repair costs, we also keep a detailed record of all repairs and maintenance performed. Otmo Cost Sharing includes the basic features, but includes a “capped” share amount.  Like other cost sharing groups, member funds are used to pay for each others repair costs.  We offer a better product for a lower cost. 

Otmo™ is not insurance. Otmo™ is not warranty. We are an automotive membership provider. Members can choose from basic membership and Cost Sharing membership. Cost Sharing to be available as soon as May 2020.

Otmo™ members share in ANY mechanical or electrical breakdown. Our membership does not apply to maintenance, vandalism, or damage due to impact.

Any repair facility can be used by our members, however, the claim form must be used for every repair. Otmo may make recommendations for repair facilities, but the member has sole discretion on where to go for maintenance and repairs.

After the 90 day waiting period and 1000 miles driven requirement, if the need for repairs occurs members should take their vehicle to a repair facility of their choosing and inform them that they are a member of Otmo™. That’s it! Pretty simple. All dealers/repair facilities can make a share request using our online portal at The repair facility must be the one to submit a share request. Members will be notified that a share request has been submitted and will receive updates as the repair process moves along.

All vehicles qualify for basic membership. 

Cost sharing members: In order to increase your membership level, one must cancel their current membership and reapply for an alternate membership. All requirements and waiting periods apply for the new membership. Members can decrease their membership level anytime and will be in effect beginning the next membership billing cycle (monthly or annual). Members are solely responsible for informing Otmo™ about membership changes. Please make membership change requests through our “contact us” portal at

Basic members: Yes just let us know when you want to change or update vehicle info.

Cost Sharing members: Your membership is transferable to a new vehicle if the new vehicle is within the age and mileage limits. Also, the new vehicle must go through the same application requirements and waiting periods as before but no new payment is required. Members are solely responsible for informing Otmo™ about vehicle changes. Please make vehicle change requests through our “contact us” portal at

Basic Members: No Cost Sharing is available.

Cost Sharing members: All membership levels must wait 90 days and have driven 1000 miles before a share request can be made. 

Basic members: Any year, make, or model is eligible for sharing.

Cost Sharing members: In order to become a member your vehicle must appear on the plans page, must be less than 10 years old, and must have less than 150k miles. All vehicles have to go through the self-inspection process and are subject to approval from Otmo™.

No, you can keep your membership indefinitely so long as you never let your membership fees go unpaid. (see terms and conditions) 

Basic membership costs $45 per year per vehicle. Cost sharing memberships vary in cost and will be posted when they become available again. (May 2020)

All payments must be set using an auto pay method, either using a credit or debit card. Never at any time will Otmo™ accept single payments by check or cash. All payments must be made using the site (see terms and conditions)

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