Otmo™ is an automotive membership program. Otmo memberships offer recommended repair facilities, unbiased opinion on repairs and maintenance, we negotiate repair costs, we also keep a detailed record of all repairs and maintenance performed. 

Otmo also offers payment plans to help members get needed repairs done now while being able to slowly pay the cost over time. 

Otmo™ is not insurance. Otmo™ is not warranty. We are an automotive membership provider. Our primary goal is to help members get the best deal possible on automobile repairs. 

Otmo does not provide these services in any capacity.

Any repair facility can be used by our members, however, the claim form must be used for every repair. Otmo may make recommendations for repair facilities, but the member has sole discretion on where to go for maintenance and repairs.

If the need for repairs occurs members should take their vehicle to a repair facility of their choosing and inform them that they are a member of Otmo™. Repair facilities must should go to otmo.com and submit a repair request. Our technicians will negotiate on your behalf and you will receive updates as the repair process moves along.

You make the final call on repairs. We will never authorize any repairs without your approval.

Yes, simply let us know when you want to change or update vehicle info. Send these requests to [email protected] Please include as much information as possible.

Payment plans are very simple. Depending on the amount you borrow and the length of time, you will be charged a flat fee for the service. This fee is the same regardless of whether or not you pay it off early.

Payments are made weekly or monthly depending on your preference. Payments must be made from a valid checking account through ACH transactions. 

Proof of income and checking account is required. 

You must have a valid membership in order to use the payment plan benefit.

Soft credit checks are performed to determine eligibility.

Basic members: Any year, make, or model is eligible for sharing.

No, you can keep your membership indefinitely so long as you never let your membership fees go unpaid. (see terms and conditions) 

Membership costs $45 per year per vehicle. 

All payments must be set using an auto pay method, either using a credit or debit card. Never at any time will Otmo™ accept single payments by check or cash. All payments must be made using the site www.otmo.com. (see terms and conditions)

No, membership will automatically renew each year unless you cancel. You may cancel at anytime through your login, or by contacting support at [email protected] Please include as much information as possible in each request.

As many vehicles as you would like. Each vehicle will cost $45 per year.  

Many parents like to include their children’s vehicles to their account. This is completely acceptable. We only request that as you do you provide as much information as possible with each vehicle so that we can identify who drives it and who to contact as needed. 

Please be aware that only the account owner may request a payment plan for repairs.

Otmo memberships are provided by Automotive Cost Sharing Group INC, which is a Utah Corporation.

Otmo follows all state and federal consumer lending regulations. Some regulations vary by State. Example: https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title70C/70C.html?v=C70C_1800010118000101

For specific State questions, contact us at [email protected]


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